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owl. I still have one just like this, from my baby nursery in the 60s!

I have this in a dark orange/brown, I wonder how hard it'd be to paint it?

I like this picture because the mama owl has the same expression I do when I'm trying to come up with an answer to a question my son has asked! lol

It's funny to me how goofy the profile of an owl is.......but still oh so lovely :)

Owl hanging upside down - maybe thinks the tree branch hides him! RESEARCH #DdO:) MOST #POPULAR RE-PINS - - ANIMALS OF A DIFFERENT. Owls in 2 families: true or typical owls & barn owls. Nature scientists identify 216 species but only 18 = barn owls. Names like ‎Elf Owl; Barred Owl; ‎Snowy Owl. They eat creatures that damage, incl mice, moles, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels. About only critter that's HAPPY to eat skunks!

fondant owls - I'd like to think that I'd attempt to make these one day but I know I won't!

3 lovely pink mini owls or you can choose your own colors via Etsy

OWL...woke up to a giant white owl hootin' in my yard this morning: ) #mosquitomagnet and #dreamyard

Owl in a Little Red Beret - Painting by Annya Kai - Owl Decor Snow and Birch Trees with Adorable Owl Couple

Without deep reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people. ~Albert Einstein (illustration: Madeleine de Kemp)