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so cool! don't be fooled!

flowerpots filled with cake and ice cream. :) lovely idea, but are flowerpots food-safe?

Panda Loaf!   I'm guessing they used food colouring for the different colours

Panda Bread

DIY panda bread featured on Perfect Pandas is a homemade work of art. This bread is made from a simple bread dough that is divided into three separate batches. One ball of dough is flavored with green tea powder, the other one cocoa powder and


How to Make a Chocolate iPhone

How-To make chocolate iphone ~ apps are made from Airheads --cool! i think this would make an awesome bday gift prank!

ways to make your food taste even better! I agree with everything except the grape jelly meatballs....

Simple ways to make your food taste awesome…

Funny pictures about Simple ways to make your food taste awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Simple ways to make your food taste awesome. Also, Simple ways to make your food taste awesome.

Portobello mushroom pizza... looks amazing! #healthy #pinksandgreens

Portobello mushroom pizza - no crust/super healthy! (minus the cheese or use vegan cheese)

Inside-Out Caramel Apples - A fun new twist on caramel apples that are easier to eat and even more delicious! Use Roasted Nut Crunch Nature Valley bars. Glutenfree!~GF Cheryl~

Inside-Out Caramel Apples

How to Make Inside Out Caramel Apples. Delight your guests or your children with these scrumptious inside-out caramel apples. Caramel apples aren't only a fall time treat--you can make them virtually any time of year, perfect for a sweet.


Strawberry Nutella Poptarts

Strawberry Nutella Heart Poptarts by thenovicechef: Filled with heart shaped strawberries, made by cutting them lengthwise and Nutella, this would be such a cute treat to serve at the shop on Valentines.

Easter Eggs

Funny pictures about Colorful deviled eggs. Oh, and cool pics about Colorful deviled eggs. Also, Colorful deviled eggs.

DIY Chocolate Leaves diy recipe craft crafts diy crafts diy recipes craft food craft recipes

How to make chocolate leaves! This so great to know if you're making a cake a t home and want it to look great and really professional.