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Forever Toy Story.

This would be cool on the bottoms of cowgirl boots like in toy story :) Why didn't i think of that??


Mike Wazowski finally gets popular…

If you don't get this...

Toy Story Walt Disney Quote. I really like this quote and what he what I say a lot. Don't treat kids like inferiors, because you know that it hurt.


Damaged fish…

OH MY GOODNESS! My all time favorite Disney movie has a GIF! :DDDD

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Real moment it ended

And I cried at both...


Silly pooh bear.

My favorite part! :)

"People do crazy things..." It's kind of awful to know that Hercules is going to marry her, they'll have three (or seven) sons, then Hera will curse him with insanity and he'll murder her and their kids. Ahhh, Greek mythology. Bringing us tragic stories of capricious fate for more then 2000 years.

Right. in. the. feels. I am literally sobbing right now. OH MY GOODNESS WHYYY THIS IS SOOO AMAZING BUT HORRIBLY SAD AND .....I CANT EVEN.... FEELS...FEEEEELSSSSS!!!!!!!