In thee Face!!

And this sports fan hanging out by himself. | 13 People Who Tried Way Too Hard To Be Cool

Come on try

UCF two tallest volleyball players and shortest cheerleader. This doesn't even look real.

Anyone who travels like this: | 35 Ridiculously Dumb People Who Will Make You Feel Like A Genius

When this mother handcuffed her kid to a shopping cart. - more funny stuff:

There are so many things happening in this picture... I don't know which is funnier!?

That's right--she'll never forget this day. This girl receiving her award for being “whitest person in the room”: | The 25 Whitest Things That Have Ever Happened

Gymnastics fail

it's just too funny

Best Pic Ever: Exiting Fail.

I know these people!! That’s not what you think it is: | The 26 Most Unfortunate Pictures Ever Taken

Homework :-D

“Manure. I hate manure.” | Are These The 43 Funniest GIFs Of All Time?

The 45 Best Perfectly Timed Photos Of 2013 (via BuzzFeed)

So true!

On brushing your teeth: | 22 Pictures That Hit A Little Too Close To Home

how i feel when i wake up from my unexpected nap. I haven't seen the movie but this still made me laugh.

That time he was the “exclamation point” in this weird “cheer.” | Community Post: 27 Times Zac Efron Embarrassed Himself In The "High School Musical" Franchise