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I give you now the key to my heart. All i ask is that you never leave it out in the cold alone. Promise me you will never break it. As long as you follow these rules you may keep it forever.

it was the first thing she did when the party arrived on the sea coast. the royal families had been allies and friends long enough, she was able to slip past the formalities and greetings, nimbly making her way through the palace to anywhere on the other side. there, with the waves crashing, the sea birds calling, she would drink deep the salt breeze, letting it wash the long days of travel far and away.

Her power was like a wave which rippled strongly upon the ground she tread. (what a lovely wedding dress)

I want to run away into a fairy tale, where I am the princess and live happily ever after

.@Kim Streible/ Zoe Blackwood #fantasy #female #characters