Finally an actual handy thing to reuse wine corks for! Wine Cork Herb Markers for garden plants.

DIY Wine Cork Plant Markers-looks like I have an excuse to drink more wine!!

DIY Wine Cork Plant Markers

We all know that plant markers are essential to keeping your sanity in the garden, but who says they have to be boring? Check out this list of creative plant marker ideas and get inspired in your garden! Wine Cork Plant Markers from The.

Aluminum duct tape, not just silver duct tape. The aluminum duct tape is made from thin strips of metal sheeting and has removable paper backing. Wrapped around plastic knife and name etched in with a dull ball point pen into soft cloth backing. Work from back, writing backwards.

Fun with Adhesive: Aluminum Duct Tape Garden Markers

Chalkboard paint garden markers - might try painting all the way down, and then sealing the writing with a clear coat to make it more durable for our Texas-sized storms!

Easy Garden Markers

Growing Cilantro - Sunset Sow seeds thickly in a wide, shallow container; then, as soon as plants are 3 to 4 inches tall and sporting a couple of cuttable leaves, use scissors to cut off some foliage for cooking as shown.  Shear from a different section of the container every time, rotating the pot as you go and never letting plants in any area mature. By the time you get back to the first section harvested, new leaves will have appeared.

A Better Way to Grow Cilantro - Sunset Magazine

A better way to grow Cilantro. Try this method for a fast, continuous crop. Wouldn't it be nice to have fresh cilantro growing right outside your kitchen door?

Cheap metal bin turned into an herb garden.  Thinking I want to go this route with my herbs.  Simple and portable.

Making An Herb Garden In A Metal Tub

Repeat Crafter Me: Paint Mixing Stick Garden Signs

Paint Mixing Stick Garden Signs

creative and affordable ideas for your garden

I'm pretty sure I can round up some empty wine bottles for this project ; I'm pretty sure I can round up some empty wine bottles for this project ;

One of the best ways to avoid having leftover herbs that slowly wilt in your kitchen and end up in the compost bin is to grow your own herbs instead. The good news is that it's easier than you might think to grow herbs — even in a small space. Here are 10 apartment kitchen friendly ideas for growing herbs. Now the only question is which ones you'll plant!

10 Fresh Ideas for Herb Gardens in the Kitchen

yayy corks!!! i can get down on some wine to make this suckers!

Looking for DIY wine cork crafts? Cork crafts are fun and easy. Learn how to make a wine cork wreath, wine cork board, other ideas with wine corks.

Herb Garden in Mason Jars:  using a previous pin for decorating the jar, I thought, what a wonderful gift a kid can give family or teachers.  First decorate the jar, then plant herbs.  This is something that is very cheap and very thoughtful.  I think kids will LOVE to put all the time and effort into this for their loved ones.   craft-ideas

Mason Jar Herb Garden - I'm so doing this! tatgrrl Mason Jar Herb Garden - I'm so doing this! Mason Jar Herb Garden - I'm so doing this!

DIY Chalkboard with Wine Cork Border | Homemade Wine Cork Craft Frame by DIY Ready at diyready.com/...

DIY Vintage Chic: DIY Chalkboard with Wine Cork Border, I think I'd use a frame, and glue the wood backing in place. Lighter than plywood.

Cork wine bottle ideas

Cork Upcycling Ideas – Useful Crafts

Use this technique for coasters for favors? Dishfunctional Designs: Put A Cork In It! Awesome Wine Cork Crafts & Decor Some great and not so great ideas for corks.