I love Leica. I want Leica. I need a better paying job to afford Leica.

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Camera Geekery: Custom Cameras & Lenses - It is always cool helping people to cream their dream camera.

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Funny pictures about An Amazing Expandable Table. Oh, and cool pics about An Amazing Expandable Table. Also, An Amazing Expandable Table photos.

Nikon D700 with a Nightstalker II night-vision system attached

A Night-Vision Lens Used by US Military Photographers

Navy Combat Cameras standard-issue Nikon and Nightstalker II night vision system by Tactical Solutions LLC


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個別「20140403204710」の写真、画像 - annion's fotolife

Japanese designer Jay Tsujimura has conceived the ’premium floral’ and ’premium lizard’, a series of elegant adornments for the classic leica. The work is informed by Tsujimura’s skill in jewelry design, having acquired traditional techniques

Leica SL mit Leica Summilux TL.35 ASPH

Leica SL mit Leica Summilux TL.35 ASPH

Leica X2 Paul Smith

Leica à la carte titanium front in pigeon blue option


another camera diagram

simple una toma simple.. cada vez esta mas a la vista que MENOS ES MAS

silver-cloud: “ omg, Leica, this is just a dream !

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Cameras that use film. This is a vintage Leica camera.

c-sgs: New toy : Leica M2

c-sgs: New toy : Leica

Samsung Smart Camera NX3000

Samsung NX3000 Camera pats on the selfie obsession

Samsung Camera pats on the selfie obsession

Esta câmera Leica é mais cara do que um carro de luxo. | Dicas de Fotografia | iPhoto Channel

Here is something you don't see every day - Leica M edition 100 null series set. Leica Store Miami currently has this one out of 25 pre-production M 100 years

Saint Hasselblad, photographiez pour nous !

Introducing the Hasselblad Lunar Camera: Camera maker Hasselblad certainly turned heads when it announced the release of its new mirrorless