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Have the students make their writing "more colorful" by using paint strips. Write a boring adjective at the bottom of the paint strip on the most boring color. Give each student a paint strip and they can use a thesaurus or a word wall to think of "more colorful" words for their strip. Put the best word on the brightest part of the strip. Hang all of their strips on the door and they can use those words to help "make their writing colorful!"

Fun for a writing center activity- Popcorn writing activity: students choose one yellow piece (character) and one white piece (setting) and write a short story.

FREE Get to Know You Cootie Catcher in English and Spanish - This was a very fun back-to-school activity for my students and great practice for their conversational skills in Spanish. (But it's also in English!)

This is a great question for a writing response and/or reflection! What would your character say on their facebook status?

Introducing the World War Two Simulation Student Orientation Video, one of the most dynamic and interactive history lesson plans- that inspires students to want to learn more about World War II. Students will be assigned roles as world leaders or foreign ministers of the major countries involved in the war and learn more when they are engaged in a simulation. Driven buy their historical objectives and fueled by competition with classmates. #sschat #historyteacher

I figured out a way for my mom to go from student to student in her classroom by the way I arranged the desks!


Trace the 'Steps' to the American Revolution Activity

Trace the "steps" to the American Revolution or any other historical event.

Bazinga - an awesome review game for most any subject and any grade. Students are in teams, I ask questions, and the students answers them. If a team is correct they have the chance to pick a Bazinga Card and we do what it says (e.g. double your score, erase 1 point from another team, switch the team captain of the winning team with the team captain of the losing team, etc.).

Higher Level Thinking BBD: teacher provides an answer & students come up with the question Would love to try this!

PDF to Word document is a fantastically simple site that allows you do do just what the url suggests: Convert PDF documents to fully editable Word documents. You simple go to the site, upload your pdf, select either .doc or .rtf, enter your email and click convert. PDF to Word then emails you the word file upon completion. There is no sign up necessary and the turn-around time is approximately 10 minutes.

What a great way to display a variety of students work that is an interactive display .. by Squarehead Teachers: "inspiration in a box" class project display

Instead of having students stand around you with questions and such, they bring their clothespin up to you and you clip it to your clipboard, then they sit back down and you call them up when you're ready.

Turn historical figures into Wanted Figures. This can especially effective if you have students take the point of view of one side of a war or battle. Why would the English put George Washington on a Wanted Poster?

Break time for the Teacher! When the light is on students cannot ask questions or interrupt the teacher. I need this!