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LOL love when you walk out of the room get set down to chart & the pump beeps upstream occlusion...ugh! Krystal Wilson you know what I'm talking about!

Hahaha!!! I actually said to myself "4, he has 4 candy bars. What's so funny?" Then I scrolled down. HAHA

You can only say, 'WTF?' so many times a day, until you just decide to start drinking.

When someone says "my stomach hurts" they don't realize all the stuff running through a nurses mind

I can relate. Sometimes u have to get creative and create a new wardrobe with what u got.

Oh...the things people ingest or insert.... and the stories ER staff could tell....

Wow... Im so tiny and this morning I went to my mom ( im dressed in 4 big (compared to me) size 18 buff jackets, and she's all like "WHAT DID YOU EAT?!?!" I ended up wearing a tight tee and a light jacket. Wow!

I don't have ADHD, but as soon as I fall asleep I start thinking of ALL the things we need to do before we PCS and what we have to pack and what we're going to wear on a get the picture ;)

I was really hating this post until I finished reading it. :3

You put the top photo on our photoshoot list a while ago.... lol!!