Radiant Red || Highlights: Redken Blonde Icing Power Lift + 20 vol. Blonde Icing Developer Base: Chromatics 5C 5.4 copper + 20 vol. Oil Cream Developer Midshaft and ends: Chromatics 6R 6.6 Red + 7C 7.4 copper + 30 vol. Oil Cream Developer


7 Hottest Dark Red Hair Color For 2014 | Hairstyles |Hair Ideas |Updos

Boucles,can you tell,i'm partial to dark hair.i have nothing against blondes because i am one.i think there is nothing sexier than a woman who has dark hair and tanned skin to boot.

This simple hair style looks so nice but I never know what to do with my hair

'once in his life, every man is entitled to fall in love with a beautiful red head' - lucille ball

Cheryl Cole – hair chameleon - Cheryl Cole - Zimbio golden curls


Red hair

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Brown red hair color with soft curls

Hello! I am Princess Tessa of Miona, and I'm 16... 17 soon! Our kingdom is not large, but it does prosper. I am stubborn and whimsical, my favorite place being outside. My nickname is Daisy, but only my greatest friends earn the permission to call me this. Most find me a bit... odd. I consider myself enthusiastic. I am not ready to run a kingdom... my father claims I need to get my head out of the clouds. So, I've been sent here. I don't mind though...I love to laugh. It's my favorite thing....

Red with copper. Lovely. By Breanna Hanks. @Bloom.com

red hair for fall

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Bangs: Carly Rae Jepsen - 20 Back To School Hairstyles For Every Personality - Back to School - Fashion - InStyle

By Jocelyn Fisher. Dark Red Hair. This is really pretty! I wonder if I could pull it off? Always done blonde or brunette never red or any other color...hmmm.

See what I mean? Once you have that tousled look — which, yes, you can get sans-wand — I'm always collecting fun colored bobby pins (ban.do makes my favorites). Sweep a section of hair across your forehead and give yourself a subtle bang, then pin it in place with a small cluster of colored pins. In this case, I went with white because it's such a contrast to my color.

red with blonde in the front, less of a purple hue that this color has though.