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Ever think that just a small touch of nature, flowers-per-say could really do up your look? This is one gorgeous style. Try it sometime, with any flower in particular, and get creative with it. Add a braid or two and see how far you can go, and get noticed. Thanks

Will someone PLEASE do this? My hair is a LOT thicker than hers, though...

Blair Satchel - dress coming soon!

Wool Bowler Hat plus this model's hair!! love it

Cherry Blossom Hair Combs and beautiful hair by Alexandra Grecco's Etsy $18

Red hair. This is the color I think would look great on mom*

Karen Gillan - intense red hair PA

Pinterest 15 Beautiful Hair Highlight Ideas And if you want to go the red route, lighten up auburn hair with bright red pieces.

I want her hair color!!! Reddish/Brown