solar powered charger - charge wherever you go

Plug It On The Window – Solar Panel with 110/220V Power Plug. How to turn your windows into solar electricity source with power plug?

How cool!! Solar-powered window blinds, soak up sun by day, illuminate the room at night. Interesting concept for emergency power outages..

USB Microwave

This Solar Phone Charger Stick the solar panel to a window and charge that bad boy up. It’s as easy as that. | 18 Gadget Gift Ideas From The Depths Of The Internet

turns negatives into digital pictures.

Cordless way to charge iPhone - neat!

Amazing glass that tints on demand is now solar powered | We heard about this glass that tints according to how much light it is exposed to; now it is being run on solar power! [Solar Power: Future Energy:]

Floating Island -- I particularly love the underwater viewing deck and the fact that it's covered with solar panels. Want!

PoweriSite Cordless Tool Battery USB Charger

Off-Grid Solar-Powered Air Conditioner

Need one of these~all your friends could listen at the same time

Solar Window Charger

Pivot Power Outlet - compact extension cord, folds flat


Can't find an outlet at the airport? No problem.

2 weeks of power. No outlets. Ever.

Do you have someone on your list that's always losing stuff? Stick-N-Find Stickers let you find lost things using bluetooth!

Solartab: The premium portable solar charger for phones and other USB devices. Charges even tablets! Perfect for camping, backpacking and beach life: ☀️ Tablet sized solar charger with 5.5W solar panel ☀️ Huge built-in 13,000 mAh battery to store power for later ☀️ Two USB ports that detect your device so it charges at maximum speed ☀️ Intergrated cover that increases charging efficiency ☀️ Charges iPad, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Kindle etc ☀️ Comes with a wall charger for rainy days

Vertical windmill