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    solar powered charger - charge wherever you go

    AIRE mask charges iPhone with your breath...excuse me...whaaat?

    Solar charging window

    Solar Power Tent to power laptops and keep beer cold

    Solar phone-charger for road trips or life in general. The Window solar charger has an ABS plastic case with a PV panel surrounded by silicone pads capable of temporarily sticking to the glass of a window.

    Floating Island -- I particularly love the underwater viewing deck and the fact that it's covered with solar panels. Want!

    Air Umbrella- no freakin way... no canopy but rain still goes around you.. I want it!!!

    Leaf Shaped Silicone Pocket Cup!

    Folding Power Outlet

    Charger Case is smart travel storage for cords, chargers and accessories.

    A personal, portable humidifier. #humidifier #YankoDesign

    USB Microwave Oven is the smallest in the world

    solar power charger

    This portable charger has it's own generator making it a great charging solution for the adventurers in your life.

    When you have digital information that you want to keep to yourself, it's best to store it on a flash drive that will only be brought out when necessary. You can hide it away under lock and key, but there's always a chance someone will get hold of it. If it should fall into the wrong hands, it's not exactly difficult to pull information off as you would only have…

    underabove is a floating camera that takes two photos at once - one photo above water and one underwater. Just too freakin cool

    Yeti 150, a $400 solar-powered generator with built-in AC, 12V and USB ports. 150 watt-hour battery, full charge in 15 hours via solar panel, and charging can be done through car adapter and wall outlet. Do want!

    Tablet stand

    Solartab: The premium portable solar charger for phones and other USB devices. Charges even tablets! Perfect for camping, backpacking and beach life: ☀️ Tablet sized solar charger with 5.5W solar panel ☀️ Huge built-in 13,000 mAh battery to store power for later ☀️ Two USB ports that detect your device so it charges at maximum speed ☀️ Intergrated cover that increases charging efficiency ☀️ Charges iPad, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Kindle etc ☀️ Comes with a wall charger for rainy days

    Stocking stuffer!