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Smart home control is about making your home work for you... automatically. #Control4

Smart Control Automation System for Training and Fitness Gyms - Imagine a gym that's smart enough to keep up with the trainers that work there. Trainers and coaches can control the volume, the video separately, the lighting and the owner can control the temperature remotely. Anybody who has an iPhone or iPad that is application based can go over to the #Control4 touch screen and actually turn on what they want to be able to use.

[INFOGRAPHIC] There's been a lot of #smarthome talk, but what is TRUE automation? Home automation is personal and customized to fit your unique lifestyle. Most importantly, it's a single platform that controls it all. (

With Control4 #homeautomation technology, you can control every aspect of your house--from lights, security, climate control, home theater, music and more with just a touch of a button! #smarthome #Control4 #technology #homeautomation #homedesign

Ultimate Bachelor Pad with #Control4 Smart Home Automation System installed by @James Shorter

Control4 #homeautomation solutions enable full control of your home at your fingertips. Whether it's smart control of your #audio, #lighting, #climate, #security or #entertainment, we've got the solution you're looking for—with the ability to add more #technology as you see fit. Visit for more information on how to make your home a #smarthome.

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iPad Mini. Ideal for controlling your home. #Control4 image via @AlbertMizrahi

Vantage Controls Luxury Home Control A smart home starts with the centralized control and automation of your home's entertainment, lighting, window coverings, hvac, security, lifestyle features and more. You control your entire home using simple intuitive interfaces like remote controls, keypads, computers and mobile devices. All the electronics in your home working together. One simple interface for your entire home.

2014: The Year of the Google Smart Home [ #infographic]