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[INFOGRAPHIC] There's been a lot of #smarthome talk, but what is TRUE automation? Home automation is personal and customized to fit your unique lifestyle. Most importantly, it's a single platform that controls it all. (

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Smart Homes: How Safe Are You?

Voice Activated Voice Control Home Automation for Control4 by VoicePod. Ted Rosenberger CEO of HouseLogix demonstrates VoicePod which is the ultimate speech-enablement platform for #Control4. VoicePod can control lights, shades, temperatures, A/V and security functions throughout a house. This product was actually inspired to help disabled people at a local rehab facility that kept asking for ways that patients could control their environment hands-free.

Elegant Smart Lighting Control A new way to look at lighting that gives you clean minimalistic walls and elegant designer control points. One touch buttons that control entire groups of lights for personalized "lighting scenes". Lighting that adjusts itself to the time of year and makes your home look lived in while away. We are experts in the latest lighting control systems available for your home or office. Contact us for more information. Vantage Controls Lighting Control4 Lighting

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Control your home automation systems through convenient keypads or an app on your smartphone or tablet.

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Control4 #homeautomation solutions enable full control of your home at your fingertips. Whether it's smart control of your #audio, #lighting, #climate, #security or #entertainment, we've got the solution you're looking for—with the ability to add more #technology as you see fit. Visit for more information on how to make your home a #smarthome.

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2014: The Year of the Google Smart Home [ #infographic]

#Control4 Home Smart Home magazine iPad app (free). "As the editor, I fell in love with the idea because it truly puts home automation and control into real-world context. Through our features and photos, it becomes crystal-clear that what Control4 is “selling” is so far from just a “product.” It’s a way of life. And it transforms not just buildings and places, but people and their families–sometimes in amazing and beautiful way...

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Sony and #Control4 bring home automation to the masses (hands-on) and add smart home tech to receivers. "This is the first time a smart controller of this power has been integrated into a consumer product." "If you just want the receiver, and aren't sure how much automation you're really going to use, you get some basic control features and automation included with the receiver. Control4 assisted Sony in making an extremely user-friendly interface."(Credit: Geoffrey Morrison)

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Goldee is a smart light system that gradually turns on your lights as you wake, and off as you prepare to sleep. It also automatically controls your lights as you enter and leave your home; it can even simulate your presence when you're gone, for extra security.

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#Lighting control, when integrated with automation, is quickly becoming an essential #smarthome application. #Home