First grade polar bear art

This lady has the best ideas for painting with students. I used her dinosaur idea with 1st graders and they turned out great!

elementary beautiful projects!!! Great ideas!!

arteascuola: Polar Landscapes

Draw A Polar Bear Head - art project for kids

model magic polar bears. Sphere head, potato shape body, 4 logs for limbs. Use scissors to cut toes, sharpie for eyes, nose, etc. Study different polar bear poses and let kids choose.

Penguin Printmaking

Jellyfish art project for boys and girls. Super easy drawing & painting project from Deep Space Sparkle

1st Grade People's Choice Winner

Polar Bears and the northern lights. Artist chalk polar bear on blue, background chalks on black. Trees tempera black and snow tempera white before bears are glued.

I love these "Catching Snowflakes" winter art projects done by some Grade 3 students.

We did this art project last year, and it turned out to be fun and beautiful! Think I might do it again this year to see any differences. Great fall art project!

I did this project last year with my Kinders and it was worth every bit of effort as they were so proud of their final product!

ARTventurous: Polar Bears

Art with Mrs. Narens: Kindergarten & 1st Grade Art: First Grade Perspective Drawings

that artist woman: How to Paint Polar Bears - saran wrap for the ice, salt for snow, acrylic paint or contact paper for the bears ... will make the project easier

art projects for christmas | Kindergarten Kids At Play: Fun Winter & Christmas Craftivities

Winter Art Project: Students design their own mitten and add a snowflake for a 3-D effect. (Picture Only)

"Polar Bear, Polar Bear" - bear made from shaving cream and glue - good for winter unit

I LOVE this art project. If I have time, I will be doing this with my kiddos -- ARTventurous: Polar Bears

painting like Michelangelo. I did this with my class this year and they STILL talk about it. It was all over the the floor and on their hair and clothes, but it was SO super fun!! This is also great for students struggling with fine motor hand writing. It builds strength in pincer grasp.