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    #whatweshouldcallnursing2 | Remembering your first semester in nursing school

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    You know that making it through nursing school was equivalent to traveling around the nine circles of hell. | 24 Truths Every Nurse Knows All Too Well

    Haha oh nursing school...

    I hear this constantly :-/

    First semester of nursing school...

    Story of my life..!!!!

    Lol nursing school

    Nursing school. Can't wait for this adventure. Just a few more semesters and I will begin another chapter in my life to better myself.

    I have extensive medical knowledge from watching Grey's, House, Emily Owens, and Scrubs (also a few ER reruns). I can and will save someone's life one day.

    #whatshouldwecallmedschool | When my friends ask why I went to medical school

    But for real

    I love this .gif

    That's okay, Professor. I'll just teach myself the other 90% material you "forgot" to go over! // Teaching myself pathology & parasitology over summer break. Yay.

    end of the semester is upon us

    one of the nursing school nightmares

    You had to listen to someone complain how unrealistic hospital dramas are. Especially how the bedrails were down too often. | 21 Signs You Were Raised By A Nurse

    My life

    A Nurse's Prayer

    Nursing Dx: Excessive stress related to chronic exams secondary to nursing school, as manifested by uncontrolled crying, extreme exhaustion & hysteria.