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    A Record Player with No Records, and Lasers Instead of a Needle.

    A Record Player With No Records, And Lasers Instead Of A Needle - Soundmachines by The Product. www.the-product.o...

    Bergmann Magne Turntable

    Vinyl laser player

    cardboard record player

    RYNO's single-wheel electric scooter. Self-balancing scooter - it's conceivable that commuters could bring one onto a train.

    Apple iCam by Antonio Derosa

    Waveform Of Music: 12 inch record grooves shows the wave forms like you'd see in a studio recording screen. RESEARCH #DdO:) - MOST POPULAR RE-PINS in 7 days: - LOGIC, MATH & MUSIC. 9 April 1860- 17 years BEFORE Edison invented phonograph- Parisian typesetter Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville put voice of a singing woman etched on soot-blackened paper: The first recording. PHOTO: Themtapicture.

    Sony PS-F9

    Crosley record player

    These headphones scan your brain and play music to match your mood. mico - brainwave controlled headphones by neurowear

    Concept, Communication, Gadget, Virtual Keyboard, gadget, device, future, futuristic, Marat Kudryavtsev, tech, technology, innovation, laser...

    Transparent iPad Concept - So cool.

    The "Smart Home" is here! Is it affordable for the common home owner?

    Instagram Polaroid. whhattt. How cool is this!? Be looking for KALA's instagram coming soon!

    One iRing to control all your Apple media devices. Now that's cool!

    View files on the flash drive itself—no computer necessary!

    It's a cool mini fridge BUT WAIT, there's more! CD player, alarm clock, iPod input, blue lights. Whoa...

    Who needs the Apple Watch? The Cicret bracelet allows you to use your smartphone from across the room or even underwater by remotely projecting the screen on to your wrist and recording your movements. Learn more about how it works in this video!