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"...programmed with Control 4 technology that detects when you enter your room—so you’ll be greeted as the lights turn on, the curtains open and the temperature adjusts." - Caroline Patek, Forbes #Control4 #automation #hospitality

"Walk-in kiosks for retail settings are coming and promise to deliver healthcare on the spot via telemedicine. HealthSpot is part of a wave of upcoming small, walk-in telemedicine kiosk designed to deliver access to high-quality healthcare in retail stores and other non-traditional settings." - Innovation Excellence #HealthSpot #telemedicine

"The HealthSpot platform demonstrates a perfect example of the use of technology to change the human experience; specifically, telepresence is making a tremendous improvement to the experience of healthcare." - The Architectologist #HealthSpot #telemedicine

HealthSpot eyes rapid lab tests for telehealth kiosks - "The HealthSpot technology will connect lab results with the doctor’s electronic medical record as well as with the consumer’s personal health record and health insurance plan and billing." -Chain Drug Review

"John Carroll University has partnered with the Cleveland Clinic and HealthSpot to provide cutting-edge telemedicine technology to students."- JCU News

HealthSpot Aims to 'Disrupt' the Lab Industry - "HealthSpot, a formidable presence among patient-centric and provider-driven healthcare technologies, says it will soon unveil new point-of-care lab technology from Samsung that analyzes your blood while you wait with a drop of blood from a finger stick." -Michael Essany, mHealthWatch

"Control4 debuted the update to its hotel automation platform last week at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) in Los Angeles." - Residential Systems #automation #hospitality

Control4 Hospitality Solution Debuts at HITEC 2016 - “Offering today’s hotels powerful in-room automation functionality, along with sophisticated back-end management software, hotel staff are provided extensive guest room status updates, whether that is a need for new batteries for a remote control or a mini-bar requires a restock.” - Technology Integrator

"It's called telemedicine -- a practice that allows a doctor to give you a checkup through certain telecommunication technologies like a large kiosk created by HealthSpot"-Garin Flowers of WTLV

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Learn About Totally Hands Free Home Automation Control with VoicePod from HouseLogix Founder

"The ZigBee-enabled VoicePod ($649 retail) is a self-contained controller with a speaker-independent speech-recognition engine built in. Out of the box, it communicates two-way via ZigBee with a Control4 system. Since all of the processing is done in the box, it needs only to send a simple command string to Control4." Julie Jacobson, CE Pro #Control4 #homeautomation #smarthome

"The Control4 system of products and its Director Version 2.1.1 software were selected due to its impressive range of control options, simple user interface, and C. Wonder’s familiarity with the system. Cliqk created custom user interfaces and communication protocols." - Sounds & Video Contractor #Control4 #automation #custominstall #commercial

"Cleveland Clinic has nearly a 100-year history of contributing advancement to techniques and technology in healthcare," Thomas Graham, MD, chief innovation officer at Cleveland Clinic, told Healthcare IT News. "We're the pioneers of vision-driven innovation and kind of the recognized leader in functions like that in the last two decades."- Bernie Monegain of Healthcare IT News

Column by Control4: Connected Home in Evolution — What’s Next after IFTTT - "The connected home itself is in its evolution; new technologies, devices and use cases for the smart home are announced each month from companies all over the world." -Control4's Brad Hintze via SMA Home Magazine

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Smart Home Show#17: Control4's Paul Williams

"Over the last 10 years we’ve continued to push the boundaries on where our products are installed, and we’ve made it attainable for all people who have technology (in their home), really, at the end of the day.”- Control4's Paul Williams interview with Technology.FM's Smart Home Show #hospitality #smarthome #automation

"What usually happens when you pull back the curtain on a magic show is that you see the girl wasn’t really sawed in half—the magic is exposed as less magical and more mechanical. After my first day of Control4 installer instruction, I’m still seeing the magic." - Grant Clauser, Electronic House #Control4 #homeautomation #smarthome


The coolest smart home gadgets

The coolest smart home gadgets - "Control4 -For just about $600 plus approximately a $200 installation fee you can have an immediate start to your smart home with Control4." - Social Geek via Fox 13

5 Ways ARIA Resort & Casino is Translating Technology to Hospitality - “Although it may take some getting used to, the Control4 technology at the ARIA Resort & Casino allows for a memorable entry into your guestroom.” - Patrick Clarke, Travel Pulse