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    "...programmed with Control 4 technology that detects when you enter your room—so you’ll be greeted as the lights turn on, the curtains open and the temperature adjusts." - Caroline Patek, Forbes #Control4 #automation #hospitality



    • Iam Spike

      The young guns of Hip-Hop are being recognized for their impact on pop culture by one of mainstream’s most prestigious publications. Forbes Magazine named Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and J. Cole to their “30 Under 30? list. The list is meant to highli

    • ComBridges (Jon Leland)

      Great article about real online relationship building (a.k.a. social media) and how it can lead to HUGE success. Keep it real, people! Social media marketing (as I say over and over in my workshops) is about long-term, sustainable relationships. "Hit and run" is no bueno.

    • Charnelle Boyer

      There's a shift happening in today's digital economy. Join us tonight for a special Wealth Building conference call @8pm EASTERN TIME feat. Forbes Magazine writer ROBERT LAURA (559)726-1300 pin 329960# You're invited by Charnelle Boyer

    • Social Media Delivered

      Outsource your social media or handle it yourself? Get the answer in this Forbes article.

    • Kristin S. Johnson named one of Forbes' Top 100 Career Websites for 2013

    • Brad Hedrick

      10 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Can Avoid

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    "Walk-in kiosks for retail settings are coming and promise to deliver healthcare on the spot via telemedicine. HealthSpot is part of a wave of upcoming small, walk-in telemedicine kiosk designed to deliver access to high-quality healthcare in retail stores and other non-traditional settings." - Innovation Excellence #HealthSpot #telemedicine

    "The HealthSpot platform demonstrates a perfect example of the use of technology to change the human experience; specifically, telepresence is making a tremendous improvement to the experience of healthcare." - The Architectologist #HealthSpot #telemedicine

    "Control4′s Starter Kit Makes Advanced Home Automation More Accessible" - Michael Riesenbeck, Home Tech Tell #Control4 #automation #smarthome

    "John Carroll University has partnered with the Cleveland Clinic and HealthSpot to provide cutting-edge telemedicine technology to students."- JCU News

    "Without a doubt, one of the 5800ES’s biggest tricks is its ability to function as a full Control4 processor, elevating it to a whole new level of control. Once the receiver is licensed and “unlocked” by a Control4-certified dealer, it enters “Control4 World,” completely changing the GUI and looking, programming, and functioning like any other Control4 processor." - John Sciacca, Residential Systems #Control4 #automation #smarthome #review

    "The ZigBee-enabled VoicePod ($649 retail) is a self-contained controller with a speaker-independent speech-recognition engine built in. Out of the box, it communicates two-way via ZigBee with a Control4 system. Since all of the processing is done in the box, it needs only to send a simple command string to Control4." Julie Jacobson, CE Pro #Control4 #homeautomation #smarthome

    17-Year-Old Automates Hamptons House with Control4 - Electronic House #smarthome #automation #custominstall

    "It's called telemedicine -- a practice that allows a doctor to give you a checkup through certain telecommunication technologies like a large kiosk created by HealthSpot"-Garin Flowers of WTLV

    "Control4 has released the latest version of its operating software. And if you’re not a Control4 owner, you may be yawning and clicking on another tab already. But this one is huge. HYOOGE, I tell you. Not so much in the features it adds, but in the way it changes the Control4 business model altogether." Technology Integrator #Control4 #smarthome #automation

    "Cashman intends to disrupt the retail healthcare market through his own retail clinic 2.0, which marries two trends: telemedicine and consumerization of healthcare, both of which have been powered into the stratosphere thanks to mhealth and cloud technologies." - Arundhati Parmar, MD+DI #digitalmedicalkiosk

    "Over the last 10 years we’ve continued to push the boundaries on where our products are installed, and we’ve made it attainable for all people who have technology (in their home), really, at the end of the day.”- Control4's Paul Williams interview with Technology.FM's Smart Home Show #hospitality #smarthome #automation

    "Cleveland Clinic has nearly a 100-year history of contributing advancement to techniques and technology in healthcare," Thomas Graham, MD, chief innovation officer at Cleveland Clinic, told Healthcare IT News. "We're the pioneers of vision-driven innovation and kind of the recognized leader in functions like that in the last two decades."- Bernie Monegain of Healthcare IT News

    "Telemedicine is geared towards multiple customers. There were some companies like Healthspot that were showing off kiosks or pods designed for the retail sector including pharmacies, large corporate headquarters, and supermarkets as well as hospitals.This is a market that could have some significant growth." - Norman Volsky, HISTalk

    Research and Markets: Emerging Market of Home Automation Technology: Recent Trends, Key Drivers and Major Participants #Control4 #smarthome #homeautomation

    7 Executives Poised to Change Medtech Forever (Cashman)- "Steve Cashman is CEO of Ohio-based HealthSpot. He also cofounded the company that is attempting to overhaul how consumers access retail healthcare. And perhaps relieve the burden on the system which is based on delivering care through the office visit and the emergency room." -Arundhati Parmar, MDDI Online

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