Botanical print: Magnolia

Vintage botanical prints.


Botanical Print


Natural South Carolina

The history and meaning of Japanese Style Tattoos:

botanical print

A dragon is the first thing that I learned how to draw. I started drawing around seven years ago and I am still going strong, although I don't draw as often as I should. Every time I see a dragon I think of the time that my dad spent with me teaching me how to draw and it motivates me to continue drawing. I want to master all forms of drawing that I possibly can and bring it along to my work.

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vintage botanical print.

Botanical flower print

Vintage Botanical Print

old botanical illustration

Botanical print.

永生之酒 的涂鸦王国作品《玉兰》Saucer Magnolia like the one I have in southern Ontario in Canada...over 15 feet tall.

Vintage Botanical Print

Botanical illustration from 'Treasures of Botanical Art: Icons from the Shirley Sherwood and Kew Collections' by Shirley Sherwood and Martin Rix.

magnolia botanical print

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Botanical Print