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fairy in jar cute for little girl parties

For a little girl's birthday party - find cheap fairy dolls and "trap" them in jars as party favors. (forget little girls, can i have this at my birthday, please?

This idea...but with chocolate dipped fruit!

Way easier than cake pops and kids LOVE marshmallows! Marshmallow dipped into melted white chocolate w/pink food coloring. Add some white sprinkles and a pink M M on the top (thank goodness for Breast Cancer Awareness M Ms) Kelly bday party

Flower balloons ... um, baby shower?! Too bad they don't look like a lily though. :

Sheena - for the Bday party? all things simple: more pinkalicious fun: balloon flowers

Candy-Filled Cupcakes Turn a regular bag of candy into a cupcake look-alike. Fill a sandwich bag with candy and close tightly. Place the bag with the closing down in a colored plastic cup. Top off with a red crafts pom-pom ?cherry.? by dominique

"Candy Cupcake Favors* Fill a sandwich baggie with jelly beans and tie it tightly. Place baggie, closure side down, in a paper cup cut in half, then glue a red pom-pom to the top" cute idea for kids classrooms.

FREE invitation maker...all you gotta do is print!

Retro Wedding Free Printable Invitation Templates

Retro Invitation Set This really works! This is printable "generator" where you type in what you want and choose your colors and BOOM, printable custom invitations, RSVP, etc.

money balloons - one for each year they are old.

Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift!

VERY Extra Special Happy Birthday Balloons! What makes these balloons special, is that inside each one is a One Dollar bill! That makes them VERY Extra Special Happy Birthday Balloons:)

Marshmallow wand....perfect Sarah Blythe's party! @Jamie Gutweniger

The cutest Marshmallow Wand ever! See the TUTORIAL. Ballerina, Ballet, Pink, Princess or little girls birthday party

Balloon Decorations

Instant Party! 3 Ways to Decorate with Balloons—No Helium Necessary

No helium needed, just hang balloons upside down from the ceiling

Party Ideas

Hello Kitty eye candy - Party Ideas and Dr. Marten boots

I remember as a little girl loving Sanrio and Hello kitty but now that I've outgrown it and have a daughter I'm so glad I get to share part of it with her. This HK party is adorable! Too bad her bday was HK.

balloon flower decor - Google Search

Secure balloons to straight and bendable plumbing pipe.bendable plumbing pipe in lime green?

Vintage fabrics and illustrations are the inspiration for this simply charming party. A licorice-allsorts-embellished cake, fabric pennants, and charming pom-pom details make this party one of a kind.

55 Fun Themes For Your Boy's Next Birthday Bash!

Summer Balloon Wreath. Every kid loves balloons. You can get this idea for your little ones to make a beautiful balloon wreath during the summer.

20+ Beautiful Summer Wreath Tutorials and Ideas

Birthday Party Balloon Wreath - Lovely idea for a birthday party :o) Balloon Dart Game Use water balloons