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    Lol looks like uncle beetle back in the day

    if you absolutely had to which hair style would you choose? I myself am leaning toward the first one.


    Kidnap?! I prefer the term "Surprise Adoption" ... Something must be wrong with me, because I laugh SO HARD when I saw this!


    How can you not love 80's hair?



    Poor kid! I'm glad I'm not a boy, subject to 80s hair! Although I have to admit I used quite a bit of hairspray for my bangs in the early 90s!

    Nice hair! LOL

    Can't stop laughing at this


    Terrible jokes and cute animals are a winning combination. [Although often called a "koala bear", the koala is a marsupial related to the wombat and closer relative of other Australian marsupials like kangaroos and wallabys, even North American oppossums than a bear.]

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    Slut jokes are just whoreable.

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