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    • Tracy B

      This quote makes no sense. I don't have to be perfect to judge you. If you're a murderer or a pedophile or an adulterer, I can judge you all I want and you don't get to say "Yeah but you drive 5 miles above the speed limit so don't judge me!" That would be stupid.

    • Selene

      It's not your place to judge anyone accept people for who they are and if they aren't someone you like don't judge them and ask them to change simply walk away and don't speak to them. #quote #life #judgement

    • GS Prop Mgmt & Home Improvements, LLC

      Go ahead and Judge me. Just remember to be perfect the rest of your Friggin Life... Don't Judge and Blame me for your faults, behavior and actions of your life... You know who's to Blame!!!...

    • Jessica Fullerton

      Yes, a thousand times yes. I have made almost no mistakes in my life, until this big screw up and then the people who I thought were my friends decided they would pass judgement and treat me like a pariah, while the people I surround myself with who know EVERYTHING not only don't judge me, but don't judge the hubs either.

    • Savona Brady

      Remember no one is perfect especially us. Go ahead, judge me, just remember to be perfect the rest of your life - Picture Quotes and sayings

    • Jayme Steinman

      Go ahead, judge me, just remember to be perfect the rest of your life - Picture Quotes and sayings

    • Kimberly Wadsworth

      Isn't this the truth ~ *Go ahead. Judge me. Just remember to be perfect the rest of your life.*

    • Reina Nicole

      "Go ahead. Judge me. Just remember to be perfect for the rest of your life." - Unknown #quotes

    • C1

      Exactly. #1. If you dont know me, don't ever judge me because you know nothing. I dont give a damn what you heard or have been told. Newsflash: people lie. A lot. #2. If you do know me, you probably still know nothing about the actual truth #3. I could most likely point out far worse things you've done than anything I've ever thought about doing because it always seems to be the people who should never say ANYTHING about ANYONE, who run their mouths the most. Mind blowing.

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    This. Exactly this.

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    To those that are fertile from those that are fighting infertility. If we open up enough to tell you we're fighting this, please ask us questions about our issues before offering advice. Or just say "I'll pray for you" or "I wish you luck."

    "Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes." (So when you judge them, you are a mile away and have their shoes.) But seriously.


    You don't know me...

    Don't judge me!



    aint that the TRUTH! a sin is a SIN

    Whatever you are, be a good one.

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    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    So so true and so many people need to take a look at themselves before saying something bad about someone else! Check yourself!

    Quotes: Don't judge someone just because they sin differently than you

    Well put.

    So true

    the truth.

    Spot on