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Profiling the social gamer: infographic | Econsultancy: search suggests that slightly more females are playing social games (20% compared to 18% for males). A new infographic from Flowtown says the same – with 54% female to 46% male. Flowtown also says that most US-based social gamers are married with children, earn $50–74k and are obsessed with Words with Friends - which probably isn’t far off what the profile would be from a global perspective too.

Nice little infographic on gamification and its relevance to future industry and jobs.

Gamification: A Winning Strategy! Mapping Elements of Play Onto Everyday Activities Helps People Achieve

Play A Game, Get A Job - The Evolution of Gamification [Infographic]

It’s the final day of #GameWeek! Kick off the day with this great #gamification infographic from Psychology of Play!

Gamification For Beginners | Levelling Up, Rewards & Having Fun

The incorporation of game-like activities in work context is gaining popularity. According to TemboSocial, this year gamification will have 20% of Global 2000 organizations playing, and by 2014 this number is expected to rise to 70%. Check out this infographic to learn how enterprise gamification can encourage a desired behavior, such as productivity or retention. #infographic #2012

As companies grow, keeping employees informed and engaged becomes more of a challenge. In a recent study, less than 10% of employees report they understand their company’s mission statement. Other research shows a significant increase in the amount of time and money people spend playing online games. Is there something to be learned from this phenomenon that leaders can apply to their organizations to create more engaged employees? #infographic

"Adding Play into the Enterprise". Gamification at the workplace. [INFOGRAPHIC] Gamifying employee experiences. #edtech #PapoEaD

The information in this illustration came straight out of a study done by Duke University.

gamification of work performance