Forget Lochte and Phelps, Matt Grevers is absolutely beautiful!!!! USA Swimming!

Darren Criss

Zac Efron. I'm sorry but he's the hottest man alive

Model Bruno Bevan

Hot summer guys,,,,,

Liam Hemsworth

"You used to play football?" I asked a little bit incredulously, I don't really know why since there was nothing odd about a high school boy playing football-even if it was Terry./ "I did," he answered me, "not very long though. The idea of barging through men half your size just to get a ball to the other side was, just, nonsensical."

Jake Gyllenhall

This man (Ian Somerhalder) should play Christian Grey on the big screen. He needs to have his hair dyed copper-colored, and then...mmmm.

Oh my his eyes

Luke Guldan

Andrew Garfield

well hello there gorgeous ;)

Nathan attractive.

Ian Somerhalder, ooh my goodness that look! ;) still think he would've made the perfect christian grey #fiftyshades

Paul Walker

Amanda Seyfried holiday look inspiration

Great Britain diving team Tom Daley, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears.