Dark Crystal - Skeksie costume at Dragon*Con 2013 - This woman did an AMAZING job....talked with her for a while about the construction!

Kira and Fizzgig by *sadwonderland on deviantART

Comic Book Thor costume at DRAGON*CON 2013

Totoro Dress Inspired by My Neighbour Totoro Designed and Cosplayed by Dustbunny Photographed by A.C.V External Source: Neatorama

transforming Were Dragon costume at DRAGON*CON 2013

Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl - well representing Yu-Gi-Oh anime.

Amazing Star Wars cosplay / costume Halloween 2013

Brave. Probably one of the few Disney costumes I might do.

Saga cosplay at Dragon*Con 2013

This kid cosplayed as Phil Coulson at 2013 comic con.

Hilarious LOTR "party elf" Thranduil costume at DRAGON*CON 2013

Stunning walk-through of creating these two Skyrim Draugr costumes, from start to finish. So inspiring - the armor is all made of foam!

The Dragon*Con 2013 Cosplay Gallery (550+ Photos) - Tested

40 of the best (hyper realistic) cosplays i’ve ever seen

Steampunk Iron Gentleman Cyberman Doctor Who costume at Dragon*Con 2013

skeksi cosplay from the dark crystal

Skeksil, the Chamberlain from The Dark Crystal

Russell from Up | Dragon*Con 2013

Ursula | Dragon*Con 2013 #cosplay

Best Logan. Period. by Lonstermash #Dragon*Con 2013 #Xmen #Wolverine

Cute AT-AT at WonderCon 2013