A less-than-four-minute challenge for those of you who have no time to exercise. I did it a couple times throughout the day yesterday and today I feel as though I ran a marathon. If you think you need expensive machine for a good workout, I challenge you to do this ten times in a row.

Back On Pointe Starting Ten Workout.Good morning warm up and so easy! Anyone can do this!


Bodyweight workout

If I'm not hot by my birthday, it's not for a lack of trying. ;) Adding in this to my running. I will omit the 10 minute run on the days I do couch to 5k.

Mini Workout ( not sure this is "mini" for me, LOL but I want to try it. Especially if in a hotel and no way to work out)

Cardio Workout ...

Work it!

Full Body Meltdown Workout

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I love quick burst work outs

work out week

Something to do at home

Cardio when I'm stuck at home


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ready fitness go

6 Crossfit workouts to do at home

this is a good thing to remember for when I'm craving something to eat