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This mom of three baby boys writes a heartfelt letter to her future daughters in law on love, marriage, and all that she will do to make sure they are prepared for their wedding day and the life that comes after.

Reunion Time Capsule: Class of 1978

Scuba In The Tub

& don't you forget it! ;-)

Its to the point now , with all your lies, sneeking around with a married man who you have fallin in love with, your lack of trying and your blatant uncaring/unloving attitude towards me, makes me not even care if you miss me or not. You have DESTROYED A MARRIAGE AND WHAT I THOUGHT TO BE A UNBRAKEABLE LOVE !!! HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO WRONG ABOUT YOU ! YOU ARE AN UNGRATEFUL BITCH . EVERYTHING I DID FOR YOU AND YOU GO AND FUCK OFF WITH ANOTHER MAN. 5OU MAKE ME SICK AUDREY.

"In nine months, I would learn the price of motherhood firsthand. I would know exactly what it takes to be a mother. I would gain a whole new understanding of and gratitude for the beautiful woman I call Mom. I would learn about things mothers experience that their children often know very little about."

Im very proud of my babies, although it really does take a village to raise them! Thanks @Amrit Morsara and @Kanchan Dhugga and @Gerry Sharpe and the rest of my amazing family ❤️❤️❤️

This is a beautiful poem/ quote. My son is everything & anything to me. He is all that matters and all that is important in my world. Nothing is meaningful if not for him. There is no greater blessing in this world than the boy who stole my heart with his first heartbeat ♥

Never forget for a minute not only did you grow under my heart, but in it. ♥

Wine Making History and Processes


all things southern

Calendar towels of the 70's

Motherhood Quotes | Quotes That Make Me Happy


Personalized quote for motherhood. by AllAmericanCrafting on Etsy, $20.00

Oh man. Tear-jerker. Loved reading this!

Christmas gift idea................ #DIYgift #perfectpresent #vday #giftideas #datingdivas

Christmas gift Idea....

...this was our sons first "car"....

Garth Brooks - The Dance (Cover)

FOR MY SON ~ PLAYING, COACHING WHATEVER ~ I HOPE YOU ALWAYS HAVE FUN AND ALWAYS DREAM BIG! Music video by Kenny Chesney performing The Boys of Fall. (C) 2010 Arnie Barn. All Rights Reserved.


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