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  • Katelaine McGee

    Cute idea and a cute blog for teaching ideas

  • Angela Richardson

    classroom ideas: analog clocks

  • Sami Truman

    love how the clocks are labeled....great for teaching time

  • Maggie Coyne

    cute idea!!!! clock schedule

  • Jennifer Lynch

    meant for telling time, but I like it as a visual schedule component. Put the cardboard clocks with schedule directly under a real clock to help children tell time and visually identify the times for each activity.

  • Jessica Wayda

    Great idea for classroom decorations or a bulletin board. Reinforce telling time on an analog clock!

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Here's a nice template for a "learning clock face." Lots of helpful skills can be covered with this.

Love this clock idea! The hour hand leaf is little and the minute hand is longer, good reference and something you already have in your classroom and use daily.

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: time

To make this game, you'll need to print out two game boards and then write the 12 different times two times each on the foam shapes or your own cards (so you'll have 2 sets of 12 times for a total of 24 digital times) AND you need to write "Time is Up!" on 5 shapes/cards. Students work in pairs to play and one partner pulls out a digital time and places it on the matching clock on their board.

What the Teacher Wants!: Math Tub Time! Time Flies game

Set up a Telling Time center in your home to learn throughout the day for learning how to tell time. Include a digital clock, a face clock with time in 5 minute increments, and practice teaching clocks.

Telling Time Activity-children have wrist band watches with different times on and have to get themselves in order, from earliest to latest time.

Here's a booklet where students estimate the time of day they engage in different activities. Then they draw hands on a clock face to match the digital time.

This can be put in a time out area. The student will have this to look at when they have made poor choices. ...