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  • Cheryl Nowak

    CAFE Daily 5 ideas; very organized

  • Rachel Keeley

    daily 5 / cafe / reading workshop ideas

  • Meghan Lynne

    Great resource for Daily 5. How to fit a basal anthology into Daily Five. I want to do this! Includes word work ideas/directions, rubric for evaluating read to self time, etc.

  • Marilyn Hespe

    The Daily 5 Schedule

  • Kelly Bray

    “Reading Workshop” – I think this pin has some really great ideas that tie into the Ray article “Work, Time and Space,” as well as the article “Reading and Writing Workshop” by Five & Egawa. The first thing that stood out to me on the blog was how the teacher said the best way to become a better reader is to practice each day, with books you choose. Even though the Ray article was discussing writing workshops, I believe his idea about having experience applies to the reading workshop as well. He states how if children are to learn to write well, they need lots and lots of experience with writing, which is the same goal for the reading workshop. In the Five & Egawa article they also emphasize having a predictable structure, as well as ownership and choice. In this blog the children have their own special box to place their books in and they follow the same schedule each day. This teacher has a workshop called the “Daily 5,” which provides 5 choices to children including read to self, read to someone, listen to reading (on tape), word work, and work on writing. For the day there are 3 rounds, which include a minilesson and then the choice of one of those options above. While I think it is important to have read alouds to hear fluent readers, shared reading, guided reading, and literature studies, as Five & Egawa discuss, I do not necessarily think this structure would be as effective as the workshops we read about this week. Children don’t seem to have enough time to read books their interested in, or given the opportunity to share.

  • Tracy Berg

    I really like how this teacher describes how she combines the Daily 5/ CAFE/ reading series. It's so detailed and practical.

  • Sarah Watts

    Love this classroom library! Great resource for Daily 5. Includes word work ideas/directions, rubric for evaluating read to self time, etc.

  • Rachel Mooy

    daily five 2nd grade classroom Treasures

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