Two of my favorite colors.

refreshing hues - I feel refreshed just looking at this, let alone sitting by the pool with fresh lemonade. Heck, with colors as beautiful as these, In my mental image, I look really fabulous in my bathing suit as well! :-)

Bright yellow, blue and orange scheme, inspired by fall leaves

Egg Tones: Tawny Green, Faded Coral, Pale Turquoise, Dusty Blue and Terra Cotta Orange

Id love this feel for our bedroom! :)

chick tones

Design Seeds® Enclosed. Lots of palettes on this site, and they are ALL delicious!!!!!

Glacier water - color scheme

I . I love the color.

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Love this color scheme!

I want this in my bedroom.

Sunflowers in Blue Ball Jars | Fun ways to add sunflowers to your decor!

Usable antiques - too freakin cute. that color is to die for!

Pineapple Shake inspiration from @SaveAtHomeMommy #summerofshakes How I see myself riding on the beach :)

amy butler

Love all these colours for our bedroom!

looking for rainbows in the moonlight

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