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  • Marcee Charlshe

    Sewing tutorial: D.I.Y. nap mat/bed roll, by Jacinda on (5 Aug. 2011)

  • Mark Monger Jr.

    DIY nap mat - for when the kids can nap on a mat

  • Paige Clingenpeel

    DIY nap mat/ bed roll from prudent baby. would be great with a fleece blanket attached to one side for sleep overs and other trips

  • Nici Chilelli

    DIY Nap Mat from Prudent Baby. Make the fleece blanket sleeping bag style.

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my mom made this for Maddie 3 years ago. Now we need one for Jacob. We get compliments all the time at daycare!

Nap Mat Tutorial- kinder mat, pillow and blanket not attached, but some good sewing directions

DIY Nap Mat - if only I had a sewing machine and knew how to sew!! :)

I need to make this for H to take to daycare. Why does sewing foam scare me so much?

DIY Nap Mat. I may have pinned this before, but I totally want to make something like this for my kids one of these days, and I like these with the built in blankets.

DIY Nap Mat, keep one in the car and you will always have a clean bed for little ones to nap!

DIY: crayon roll-- I would love to carry this in my church bag instead of the old ziploc baggie! Update: My mom and I made 21 of these for Christmas, they were so cute. We did larger ones for colored pencils for the older kids. So fun, but I am so done making them!

Nothing says Welcome Home like a homemade welcome mat! We've made a lot of painted rugs over the years, but I'm happy to report that this is our easiest and most durable version yet. I found this textured rug at Target and decided to try using porch paint instead of spray paint.

Toddler Nap Mat- Someone made this for G and she loves it. We break it out on sick day and she just cuddles up and watches TV