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There's a 0.0003% chance she'll be a lawyer. There's a 42% chance she'll wish she was thinner by the time she gets to the 3rd grade. Change this.

"There's a 0,02% chance she'll be a teacher. There's an 81% chance she'll have dieted by age 10, because she's afraid being fat."

This is so important. I first started getting self-conscious about my weight in fifth grade, and I'd attended meetings to two weight loss groups before I was twelve. Stop brainwashing children into thinking fat = bad/ugly/worthless, because it doesn't.

YES!!! Throw all your #thinspo away!! Now! Love yourself how you are right now.

"Your diet tips = My eating disorder STOP #thinspo #pinterest #antithinspo" AMEN, screw all the dumb people that post thinspo and think it's a great lifestyle... Only an idiot would wish for this lifestyle...

I think this is my favourite. I could almost cry with joy at the beauty and strength of this girl. The look in her eyes makes the future look good.

WE STAND for healthy not skinny. Girls are wonderfully and beautifully made and shouldn't compare themselves to their friends. We are all different and beautiful. Stop Weight Bigotry | Health At Every Size (R) * Part of Marilyn Wann's Awesome "I Stand" campaign. *

Too strong and adorable to pass up on pinning. Revolution - Bring It!