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Cassette tapes. Yep I had these tapes in the 80s


    Good-Eye Misttie Gilleland I didn't see that!

  • Debbie Bolte

    Thanks TRACY POWERS, I didn't think about Googling it.


    Np mp yqw maybe E-Bay to? I dunno just a thought? Hope u find one; bet it would be Great to listen to those old 8-Tracks Debbie Bolte!

  • Misttie Gilleland

    No problem TRACY POWERS I spot things quickly just cuz that's how my eyes are LoL jk I don't know why I've just always spotted the "out of place" and sorry if I seem smug not trying to be I get silly when I'm in a good mood LoL but thanks y'all for being so nice


    Np @Misttie Gilleland! That's AWESOME; Good for you!!! Yqw; mp. GOD Bless!!!

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Hip hop love, Learn how to freestyle rap here: #hiphop

Pañuelos Familia® Chic Metallic. Un Toque Chic que le dará brillo a cualquier lugar.

Nothing says hop hop head to me like a tape collection

The Easy-Load Recorder…. 1970s cassette recorder advertisement.

Kids of the 80s and 90s...I remember doing this while listening to 93Q

  • Dawn Bryan

    Me too!! Jenny Kietz Carlson

  • Sarah

    Oh wow, i remember doing that as a kid. I would wait all day just for them to play that new song i just had to have and when they finally played it, oh how excited i was. Only on the radio most of the time they talk threw the beginning of ending of the song so i only got part of the song but how excited i was! I still can find some of my cassettes but they dont work anymore.

  • Angel Martinez

    More of an 80s thing, 90s kids were already playing CDs

  • Jenn Barker

    Very true!!! :)

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I made you a mixed tape. Just let me write down the songs and draw hearts on the case before I give it to you.

So proud to know what these are and to have re-wound them with my pinkie!

File:Heap of tapes.jpg

As you can see in the screens below each compact cassette is different and being that they are vectors you can easily change them to your designing needs