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    • Bert Show

      Bert loves #SanjayGupta. So #MatthewMcConaughey calls Bert out on his "boy crush." Live. On-air. Nationally.

    • Julia McCourtie

      Matthew McConaughey... not only is he one fine specimen of a man, but he's also the voice of Beef. Doesn't get better than that!

    • Catherine Zemitis

      My all time FAVORITE... You don't get any sexier than Matthew McConaughey... *sigh*

    • Amanda Rathbone

      Matthew, my fav man in the celeb world!

    • Charity Ramsey

      Matthew McConaughey - such a hottie! <3

    • Claire Libertic

      Man - Matthew McConaughey - Whew!

    • Tiffany Marie

      Matthew McConaughey (eye candy?)

    • Sidney Harris

      Levi's Dad. (Alpha of the Blood-Moon Pack) The doorbell rang and I ran to answer it. A middle aged man stood there. "Hi there I'm Carson, I'm alpha of the Blood-Moon Pack." I know we were moving into a werewolf pack's territory so we've been expecting someone to come. "Come in," I said moving out of the way. "Mom, dad! The alpha is here!" I called and led Alpha Carson to the living room. My father came down the stairs and shook Alpha Carson's hand. "Hello Alpha Carson, I'm David, head of my pod. This is my wife Jen," he said motioning to my mom. "And you've already met my daughter, Dani." My dad said. "Yes, I'm so glad to meet you all." "I'm glad you came over, I wanted to talk about peace negotiations." "Of course, I want peace as well, and so you have access to the whole town and anyplace within my territory. I want your family and your pod as comfortable as possible." "Thank you, we appreciate it. I wish I could introduce some of the pod to you but they're out swimming." My mother said. "Oh that's fine, I wanted my son to come but he was busy with his friends." "How old is your son?" My father asked. "He's 18, you'll probably see him in school Dani. Maybe I can get him to show you around." "Yeah, that'd be nice." I said not wanting to tell him if rather stick with my friends from the pod. "Dani isn't very outgoing with people she doesn't know," my mother said and I glared at her. "Mom!"I said and the alpha and my parents laughed. "It's fine, nothing to be ashamed of." Alpha Carson said with a smile. "I'm gonna go for a swim. Nice meeting you." I said with a small wave as I walked away. "Nice meeting you too." He called. I walked out of the house and to the lake. The coast was clear and I ran in and waited for the transformation to finish. My tail and bikini top were blue and gold. I swam around and played with the fish until it got dark.

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    OMG lol very yummy....Cant wait til movie. Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Joe Mantangiello, and Matt Bomer

    Reynolds....he's canadian ya know?! eh ;)

    hubba hubba

    So hot.

    Gerald Butler