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I'm going to right a gory story about death and murder in comic sans now

"Comic Sans is never a acceptable font. Unless you are an 8 year old girl writing a poem about unicorns." - part of the 'Confessions of a Designer' series, designed by Anneke Short This is exactly what my teacher says

The Bottom of the Ironing Basket: Ready For A New Term

Family Rules Tram or Bus Roll Print - Duck Egg - by AlmondTreeDesigns on madeit

As much as I hate the whole "yolo" thing, I agree with this statement.

Funny pictures about The concept of You Only Live Once. Oh, and cool pics about The concept of You Only Live Once. Also, The concept of You Only Live Once photos.

forgiveness meme 12-9-12

If I had not forgiven certain people in my life, I would not have been able to move on. Very powerful statement!

Relationship Fighting Quotes | ... great relationship: Fighting over stupid things in relationships

Bob Marley has the best quotes ever! I love this, I have a man like this in my life and the part of him that we, my children included is that he loves us even though we are not perfect!

Motherhood - great encouragement for Mother's Day.

As I get older, I feel the need to experience motherhood! I can't wait to raise some sweet little babies and watch them grow up to be great people who do great things!

"We must have a spirit of power towards the enemy, a spirit of love towards men, and a spirit of self-control towards ourselves." ~  Watchman Nee

seeing stress this way, as 'out of control', it instantly eases the stress because I am NOT out of control. I am in control. no need to stress.

To write to your dad on your wedding day: I may have found my prince but you will always be my king.

My dad may be gone, but he will always be the best and most important man in my life! He will always be my daddy and I will always be daddy's little girl! I love him more than anything and I miss him every single day!