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I have thought about this since I was a little kid, how men with moobs (that's "manboobs" for those of you that don't know) can walk around topless, yet women can't. Totally bogus if you ask me.

Mrs clause

Santa Visits His Old Girlfriends House ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor

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Yoga humor

funny cartoon comic dog puts cones on mans hands lets see how youlike not playing with your balls for a week

" Of course you still arouse me dear, just look at that huge bulge that's pushing up the bed covers like a circus big top ! Ohh I just remembered I am late for overtime, better get off to the pub .

They used to be....

Doc w/stethoscope: "Big Breaths." Hearing problems + gravity + age = her (and my probable) response "Used to be.

All of our crucifixes come 100% assembled  #Catholic #crucifix #humor

Funny pictures about Ikea Crucifix. Oh, and cool pics about Ikea Crucifix. Also, Ikea Crucifix photos.

Björn bajs

This is an old joke . "A bear and a rabbit were taking a dump in the woods. The bear asked the rabbit, "Does shit ever stick to your fur?" the rabbit replied "All the time!" So the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit.

It made me laugh :)

Sometimes men make the strangest requests ! will you shave your beaver?

To make sure, I just checked with the Boss about whether or not He's currently evil. For better or worse, here's His answer. (Get Offended – Wisdom Quote)

Get Offended - Wisdom Quote

I guess so! They insult and talk about people for years, yet when it's done to them suddenly it's "wrong. Treat others the way you want to be treated!