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hahaha... georgia shore! tyler perry's studios are in atlanta.

Funny quotes from madea | tumblr.comMadea goes to jail, funniest Come visit for the largest discount fashion store in the world!!

Hellur, Thank the Lor-t I found a person as awesome as me to have entire conversations with that are based solely upon Madea Quotes.

Do as Madea would - pour hot grits over his head, beat him with the pan, then call the po-po! Halleluyer!

LOL! Oh Madea... I love you! media-cache5.pint... cassiewolf quotes

Madea! Love all her movies. My favorite line is " I may have silver hair, but I have silver bullets which one do you want." Lol

My mom used to text me good mornting everyday when I was in school and id always bust out laughing in class lol.

Madea!!!!!!!!!! Guilty pleasure, I think it is funny although I don't 'get' everything in the movie.

bayahahaha!!! Ashlyn Gilbert Biddy some people should be happy we only see them at church!