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    Vinegar can fix bone dry clay

    corn starch and stamping clay tip..Great little tip!!!! Why didn't I think of it??? Dirtkicker Pottery..

    repairing ceramics...Oh My goodness. I am a teacher and I have to do this all the time...Brilliant!

    100 Days of Clay Animals - some really interesting pieces and a fun idea for a challenge.

    Rehydrating Clay.

    There are three ways of firing clay pots if you dont have your own kiln, each of which would make a great homeschooling project!

    Super-Strong Slip For Attaching Wet To Dry Clay Pieces! Patching Cracks! Fixing Broken Greenware! And Even Joining Broken Bisqued Pieces!

    When to use Magic Water? It's used when the bond between two pieces of clay is a suspect for cracking during drying or bisque firing. Cracks can occur in the following conditions: When one piece of clay dries faster than the other which typically occurs when it has a smaller mass or thinner than the other piece (e.g., a mug handle). When one clay piece is applied to another piece that is already a dryer leather-hard.

    fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Ink Transfers on Clay

    1 LB PACKAGE OF WHITE ACTIV CLAY - Air Dry Clay Activ Clay is so versatile! Here is a selection of some of the many things that can be made using this Air Dry Clay

    clay castles from a slab. Rolling on a paper towel tube helps keep the shape while clay dries.

    How to hang flat ceramic pieces

    Terra sigillata is an ultrarefined clay slip that can give a soft sheen when applied to bone-dry wares and, if polished or burnished while still damp, may give a high gloss. The ancient Greeks and Romans used this technique in lieu of glaze. I love the buttery surfaces that can be created with terra sig .. from mixing, to applying, to burnishing, and, of course, troubleshooting+ recipes. –


    Joining clay. Lots of great clay info!

    ELAINE BRADLEY-tissue transfer on clay--This method is easy and results are immediate.

    If clay breaks before it's been fired (even if bone dry), dip piece in vinegar - the author says it will fizzle and then stick it on - can't wait to try!

    Ceramic Terms PowerPoint: Introduce students to ceramic terms associate with clay use in the art classroom.

    a "cheat" sheet for the student to refer to as they work on their projects.

    A soft lightweight air dry clay. Modena Soft (150 gm.) air dry clay, soft, flexible and 50% lighter than Modena. Virtually unbreakable and waterproof after dried. The clay color is white like ceramic, and is like porcelain when finished with a Sealer or Super Gloss Varnish. The color never fades. It can be used to create colored clay by mixing acrylic and oil paints. Suitable for flowers, sweets & deco. It is non-toxic. Do not mix it with stone clays, oil clays, or wood formo.

    All about Plaster: Making Wedging table and Clay Recycling Plaster Boards | Tips and Tutorial