Did you know you can add glass pebbles to clay and it melts to look like water. Awesome!

corn starch and stamping clay tip..Great little tip!!!! Why didn't I think of it??? Dirtkicker Pottery..

use distilled vinegar when making slip to break down the clay faster and make it stickier

100 Days of Clay Animals - some really interesting pieces and a fun idea for a challenge.

Super-Strong Slip For Attaching Wet To Dry Clay Pieces! Patching Cracks! Fixing Broken Greenware! And Even Joining Broken Bisqued Pieces!

How to Revive Old Dried Up Paintbrushes - Great cleaning idea that WORKS! | CraftyMorning.com

▶ Pottery - Bone Dry to Soft Clay in 15 Minutes or Less - YouTube

How to Make a Clay Slab Tall Vase? Clay Vase Handbuilt Construction Lesson

Rehydrating Clay.

Fiskars scissors and clay.

Cute clay project idea: Clay work inspired by artist James DeRosso!


Weights of Clay Needed For Ware Sizes

clay castles from a slab. Rolling on a paper towel tube helps keep the shape while clay dries.

Clay tool

Pea Pod Serving Dish Pinch Pot

If clay breaks before it's been fired (even if bone dry), dip piece in vinegar - the author says it will fizzle and then stick it on - can't wait to try!

Bigmouth dog, air drying clay

students trace their hands in clay, design, and lay clay in a bowl for shape

Photo Lithography on Clay: A Surprisingly Simple Way to Print Images On Clay