Did you know you can add glass pebbles to clay and it melts to look like water. Awesome!

Super-Strong Slip For Attaching Wet To Dry Clay Pieces! Patching Cracks! Fixing Broken Greenware! And Even Joining Broken Bisqued Pieces!

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▶ Pottery - Bone Dry to Soft Clay in 15 Minutes or Less - YouTube

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use distilled vinegar when making slip to break down the clay faster and make it stickier

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corn starch and stamping clay tip..Great little tip!!!! Why didn't I think of it??? Dirtkicker Pottery..

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100 Days of Clay Animals - some really interesting pieces and a fun idea for a challenge.

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Rehydrating Clay.

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How to Revive Old Dried Up Paintbrushes - Great cleaning idea that WORKS! | CraftyMorning.com

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Ball, Ceramic, Home Decor, Ceramic, Clay Fish

repairing ceramics...Oh My goodness. I am a teacher and I have to do this all the time...Brilliant!

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20 tips to improve the extruder experience by David Baird

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All about Plaster: Making Wedging table and Clay Recycling Plaster Boards | Tips and Tutorial

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Fiskars scissors and clay.

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What your clay project will do if it is too thick, fired too wet, or has unvented hollow areas. A great visual for students.

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Kids Art Activity: Clay castles - could be a fun clay art project for kids

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recycling clay, from Ceramic Arts Daily

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Add one quart of this to one gallon of water. I dip sculptures that kids paint with tempera into this mix. I use glaze tongs to keep the shiny sparkly mix off of my hands. When the students' work is dry it is coated in a thin layer of shiny metallic plastic. The kids love this stuff. Order it from School Arts Specialty, formerly known as Sax Art Supply. It's about 18 bucks a quart.


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