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The Photos Behind Classic Norman Rockwell Paintings

vintage-arrow: “ Norman Rockwell : Travel Experience – Little Girl Observing Lovers ”

O corte de cabelo é uma mudança considerada simples realizada pelos humanos. Mudar a cor e o tamanho do corte é uma coisa até mesmo natural.

Imagens mostram os cabelos mais estranhos do mundo

Best Mohawk Ever! Mohawk haircut looks like gecko - lizard is awesome!

Main Idea and Norman Rockwell

Main Idea and Norman Rockwell

Girl With Black Eye - Norman Rockwell This used to be outside the principal's office in elementary school.

"Pipe" by Norman Rockwell, Style: Regionalism ・ Genre: genre painting

Norman Rockwell "Autumn Stroll" I have always enjoyed Norman Rockwell paintings of everyday things. I find this one particularly relatable because it includes so many of my interests: being outside, nature, guns, and dogs.

Ironic Illustrations of Norman Rockwell

Ironic Illustrations of Norman Rockwell


"Christmas Trio," Norman Rockwell, 1923 Norman Rockwell Museum Collections SEPS: Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis, IN - Norman Rockwell Museum - The Home for American Illustration

Our Four Freedoms Forum returns tonight, Jan. 23, 5:30 p.m. with a look at "a nation divided: getting past the impasse." Join noted commentators for a community discussion. Free!  Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), "Breakfast Table Political Argument," 1948. Cover illustration for “The Saturday Evening Post,” October 30, 1948. Norman Rockwell Museum Digital Collections. As featured in the exhibition, “Norman Rockwell’s 323 ‘Saturday Evening Post’ Covers.” ©SEPS: Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis…

"Dewey v Truman" "The Great Debate" "The Obvious Choice" by Norman Rockwell for The Saturday Evening Post, cover (info verified)

Ironic Illustrations of Norman Rockwell

Ironic Illustrations of Norman Rockwell

"Christmas Homecoming" December 1948 by Norman Rockwell. This is the only painting in which all five members of the Rockwell family appear together. His son Jarvis receives a hug from his mother Mary as friends and family look on.

William McGregor Paxton (American, Baltimore, Maryland 1869–1941 Boston, Massachusetts ) Tea Leaves 1909 Oil on canvas, 91.6 x 71.9 cm (c) The Metropolitan Museum of Art:

"Tea Leaves" -- 1909 -- William McGregor Paxton -- American -- Oil on canvas -- The Metropolitan Museum of Art


1922 August 19 Sailor boy looking thru telescope - Artist Norman Rockwell - Saturday Evening Post