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writing with a cup of tea---these were the original words on this pin, and I laughed because of the syntax. For surely it is a pen she writes with, and not the cup of tea.

The Four Hour Work Week.   If you don’t close this book with several life-changing ideas – something is wrong with you. ;)

8 of the best non-fiction books

I've been trying to read my book for over an hour. It's too loud in the Griffindoor common room. I turn back to my book just when someone sits down on my window seat. I'm the girl and need someone to play the guy.


An entry from For Emma, Forever Ago

Outside the Window Outside the window. Today is a wonderful day. The last day of summer and beginning .


Have you ever woken up early on an autumn morning? Creeping downstairs as quiet as humanly possibly in order to keep the peace? After you brew a pot of coffee, you sit on a window seat and gaze through the glass, admiring the foggy stillness

☣ Bad Reputation ☣

I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York's skyline. The sky over New York and the will of man made visible.

Molly likes linear . Directional, balanced, concrete , it determines, organizes you.


porch in the morning. Open/w Wednesday::I was watching the snow hit the ground.I heard footsteps but i thought they were from an animal.I saw a big black shadow so i pulled my gun out from behind my back,I point at you "Who are you?" i say a bit scared.