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Antique French Books

Antique French Books and they are PINK. Does anyone have pink vintage books, I will purchase them. - Sincerely, JoAnne Biddy Craft pinned with Bazaart

~ʈɦҽ Ꭵŋŋơƈҽnʈ ʈᎥɱҽʂ~

i like the texture and smell of old books, often, and often the whimsy too. Love, love, love ~ old books

Ἐγκαταλείπω τὴν ποίηση δὲ θὰ πεῖ προδοσία. Νὰ μὴ μὲ κατηγορήσουν γιὰ εὐκολία, πὼς δὲν ἔσκαψα βαθιά, πὼς δὲ βύθισα τὸ μαχαίρι στὰ πιὸ γυμνά μου κόκαλα. ὅμως εἶμαι ἄνθρωπος κι ἐγώ, ἐπιτέλους κουράστηκα, πῶς τὸ λένε, κούραση πιὸ τρομαχτικὴ ἀπὸ τὴν ποίηση ὑπάρχει; Ἐγκαταλείπω τὴν ποίηση δὲ θὰ πεῖ προδοσία. Βρίσκει κανεὶς τόσους τρόπους νὰ ἐπιμεληθεῖ τὴν καταστροφή του. Ντίνος Χριστιανόπουλος

Love and Knowledge Fine Art Photograph by Sarah Moldovan Photography for From the Wilde

Sky Ferreira awesome pink record player

Remember These Teenage Mixtape Dreams?

To know more about PINK♡record player, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world!

Ana Rosa

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I wonder if Wes would freak out if I did this to his old clock?

Pink Clock embellished with a vintage brooch & necklace. Ideas: repurposing vintage jewelry around the house to tie back curtains, tuft a throw pillow w/an earring, pin on sham.


Pink vintage typewriter and flowers. I really want a vintage typewriter. Possibly a Christmas gift.

I will own a pink tractor before I die!

I'll take you for a ride on my big pink tractor. We can go slow or maybe go faster. Out through the woods or down pastor. Take you for a ride on my big pink tractor. - Jason Aldean- He thinks my tractor's sexy!

Bubble Gum #Truck

Range Rover Sport Pink - Girly Cars for Female Drivers! Love Pink Cars ♥ It's the dream car for every girl.

blondelicious* diamonds

because other varieties of amazing creatures without a pastel pink smiling fish would just be lazy

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A cherry tree, a magnolia, a rhododendron bush, any blossom outside the window would do.

"Feed Your Destiny" You may be lonely for a season, but God will give new friends, better friends, people that will feed your faith, not pull you down. If you don’t get rid of the wrong people, you’ll never meet the right people. - Joel Osteen

Pretty ~ a strong looped knot tied loosely with delicate flowers and old books ~♛~ Lady Basil ~♛~