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This is now the #3 page, behind the home and how to name a private practice! How to launch/grow a practice in 12 months.

The four communication styles that can predict the end of a relationship and how to repair them. - repinned by

Rebuilding your Relationship “House” - From many studies of successfully married couples, we know that in order to repair your relationship, there are three essential changes to be made - read more about these here!

Panic Spiral. Though I would have to say that, for me at least, this is experience as: "See person walking on opposite side of street...panic attack!"

Selfcare checklist ~ This could be touchy if you are honest with yourself. While we like to think we are in the right column, too much of the time we spend in the left pleasing others with a bit of martyrdom because we like the payoff. How much external versus internal validation do you expect DAILY? Which is more important to you? Why?

This worksheet is designed to be used in couples counseling to emphasize the positive qualities of a relationship. Each individual should complete the worksheet, and then share their responses with their partner.

You may be the only person capable of both hearing and holding their #pain. That is #sacred. #psychotherapy

SOAP Note Example for Mental Health Counselors - private practice Repinned by urban wellness: