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  • Miriam S.

    Math Coach's Corner: It's Time to Subitize!The ability to subitize, or instantly recognize small arrangements of items, is a foundational math skill. A few minutes of highly engaging practice each day is all it takes to develop this skill.

  • Kelly Olson

    make some flash cards like these...Math Coach's Corner: It's Time to Subitize!

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Math Coach's Corner: Think Multiplication for Division. "There is undoubtedly some value in limited practice of division facts. However, mastery of multiplication facts and connections between multiplication and division are the key elements of division fact mastery. Word problems continue to be a key vehicle to create this connection."

Maybe make an anchor chart for numbers 1-20 to keep up in the wall for a while?

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Math Coach's Corner: Ten Take-Away. In this easy game that requires only a deck of cards and a recording sheet the ten-frames are filled, and the card drawn is subtracted from ten.

small group: missing numbers with some on cards, chn predict which number it is and why - chance to talk about place value, patterns, counting, numbers before and after

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