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Good runs make better days. I don't even know how this became true for me...

I'm going to have to do this on my phone to get motivated in the mornings! lol

I had a dr's appt today with a runner. She told me to stop paying attention to the scale and pay attention to how I feel; keep running and my body will change in time. She said I had a nice, slow heartbeat like a runner. BEST EFFING FEELING IN THE WORLD.

It's not about how your run goes, it's about getting out there and running anyway.

Love this quote!!!! I feel this everyday. Just wish my foot did...Bummer when your body doesn't want to do what you want it to do :)

Today I Ran 12 miles for Boston. Prayed for all of those hurt and families impacted by such a sad event.

Heather this is for you. Just as good as the one where the guy bites his lip.

You CAN finish your workout! It's all about your state of mind! When you start getting tired, start pumping yourself up that you're almost there, you can do it, and that every minute you keep going is extra calories you're burning than if you stop! If you need help getting motivated or need tips and support, I'm here for you! Connect with me at! #exercise #loseweight #burnfat #build muscle #workout #beachbody #bikini #sexy #strong #Insanit #P90X #moto #push #train

sometimes I even need a little motivation to get out the door. Should set an alarm on my phone that says this!