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story of my life!!!!!!! (pinned under funnies, but its really not funny. wahh)

Funny pictures about Game of Thrones problems. Oh, and cool pics about Game of Thrones problems. Also, Game of Thrones problems.

Deadbeat moms... Never call their kids. Go months without seeing them. Don't participate in kids lives. Don't pay child support. Can't even be bothered to call kids on their birthda. CANT FIGURE OUT WHY HER KIDS WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH HER. | First world Problems II

Christian Memes: Catholic Edition - enjoy these memes from around the inter-webs


First World Problems Girl

soooooooo true!!!!!! :)

Funny pictures about Sometimes I hate being a girl. Oh, and cool pics about Sometimes I hate being a girl. Also, Sometimes I hate being a girl.

CVID, PIDD, Primary immunodeficiency, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Zebras

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same thing for me to XD ( first word problem.

To everyone who complained to me about being tired today. Lol

First world problems/cabin leader problems

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A Creepy Condescending Wonka meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.


One does not simply leave a Marvel movie before the end of the credits - Boromir, Lord of the Rings meme

Take a shower honey, you smell like failure.

everytime I go, I get the 1 thing I DID need and a whole wallet full of random stuff.

tattoo memes - Google Search

Our calls have gone from 5 mins to 7 mins So I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious - Serious Kip

Healthcare humor

Top This: 10 Funny Nursing Memes And Quotes To Complete Your Day

The look I give my patient when they're trying to get out of bed. "Don't you dare set that bed alarm off!

At work like

The call center life ain& for the faint of heart.

LOL! This is why we rely on actors, and 1D.>>>> and fictional characters, and Magcon(I prefer the original people)

Boys older than me, boys younger than me, boys my age. Wtf is this shit

What flight attendants do first thing at their hotel overnight ;)

Ummm yep, sometimes that is me at night. because there's TOTALLY a murderer lurking in the shower.

Asks question on a test that was never taught  convinced all 72 students wern't listening  high school teacher meme

Asks question on a test that was never taught convinced all 72 students wern't listening

Unhelpful High School Teacher Meme - Lectures class about wasting time. For the whole period.