Brothers & Sisters Graphing

Graph: How many people are in your family?

Graph what color apple students like best.

great display for compare and contrast

beginning of the year name book

Estimation Station - students must visit the station by the end of the week. then we count and graph our results.


Make a giant color graph! Great way to learn through play for preschoolers. Sorting, counting, and graphing.

This is a wonderful book for helping your students understand graphing. For those classes who are already familiar with graphing, it can also be used as a fun getting to know you activity at the beginning of the year. It makes a cute class book, and is a great way for the students to learn about each other while graphing!

venn diagram good idea for same and different

fall themed math and literacy activities. fall graph kindergarten

graphing idea

izzyshare bulletin boards and doors

What a fun end of the year activity!

Names - beginning of the year activity?

I do this lesson every year, but never had this poem. It will be a good addition! (With Chrysanthemum!)

Free - Venn Diagram with lines

All About Me Unit: graph students' names by number of letters

Last week of school

Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten: Beginning of the Year - Who's in My Family Glyphs