Not My Own: Happy Thanksgiving

love it

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Inspiration pic of edible veggie flowers

Easter Egg Veggie Pizza

I love this, because my family has a tradition of making a veggie turkey every year for Thanksgiving, so this is just perfect.

Delicious snacking...never thought of a small cabbage for a dip holder!clever...great presentation

Veggie Christmas tree appetizer.

Thanksgiving Turkey Soup Pot - Recipe 100% Cotton Flour Sack Dish Towel Tea Towel

Ham, turkey and veggie skewers with cucumber ranch dip

Anyone else seen this? How about TRIED it? Introducing....the Veggie Lodge...! (Tip: if you're not eating dairy, try using vegan cream cheese or hummus to glue the parts) Move over, #GingerbreadHouse!

20 Creative DIY Thanksgiving Ornaments And Centerpieces

Also, That's It: Cheese Tray Turkey, as Promised

Thanksgiving How To | How to Thaw Turkey. Good to know since this will be my first turkey ever!


2013 - Post Game Tail Gate Snack .... who am i kidding... this will be my snack while I am watching the pregame show in the parking lot.

Fruit Decoration Kit - Fruit Carving Tools |

Fruit Turkey Fondue. fruit platter kids party