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  • Carlos Afanador

    ¿Existieron alguna vez los vampiros?

  • SuzanneMc

    Human Bones Vampire of Venice

  • Xzigalia Ni Siochfhradha

    16th century deviant burial: The skull of the "Vampire of Venice" was found in a mass plague grave. She had been buried with a brick in her mouth to prevent her from rising as a revenant and feasting on plague victims. Forensic archaeologist Matteo Borrini investigates in attached article.

  • Roy Martin

    National Geographic Vampire Forensics PART 2 Vampires in Venice

  • Jade Hestand

    The skull of the "Vampire of Venice" was found in a mass plague grave with a brick stuck in its jaw in 2006. Forensic archaeologist, Matteo Borrini, used every bit of science at his disposal to investigate this skull and the person it may have been. The article attached to the link is very interesting - Similar to the other article I posted.

  • Anita Coburn

    the vampires of venice video trailer

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