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Word Recognition: Try using this simple sight word coloring paper with your students who have difficulty focusing on sight words. Since your children get to color, they have to pay close attention to the sight words in order to choose the right colors

Color by Sight Word (Fall Style!)

Colour by Sight Word. Never thought of this idea past letters. Could also colour by noun, verb. Or colour by tense!

Mastering sight words is such an important part of learning how to read. These are words that you will see in almost all of the books you will read. I *love* when we learn a new sight word and my kids

I Can Read! {sight word intervention} (Miss Kindergarten)

Sight Words

Literacy Center Word Work: Printables for Fry's List of Sight Words {1-25}

******BEST SELLER*******Literacy Center Word WorkAre you tired of word work that takes your students 5 minutes to complete? In my classroom, I was hearing Im finished! way too soon so I created some word work printables that were a little more rigorous.


sight word ideas Maybe make it half as large and then have them write how many times they found each word. They could also choose two words and use them in a sentence. Use spelling list each word a different colour

Students color the boxes to match the sight word to the left. Could use in French for color words, number words or names of students

Students color the boxes to match the sight word to the left.Sight words included: You, red, black, who, she, like, blue, can, small, the, has,...