Bookstore Entrance, Lyon, France

Awesome bookstores from around the world

Bookshop "Le Bal des Ardents" in Lyon, France

More books please!

The oldest bookstore in the World (1732!): The Bertrand Bookstore, Lisbon. Photo by Christoph Diewald

The Lello bookstore in Porto, Portugal (open since 1906) ... Those stairs!!

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc @ France

Most interesting bookstore in the world. Acqua Alta Bookstore in Venice, Italy... the tides get high here, so all the books are in boats or bathtubs to keep them dry

Aaron T. Stephan -- books as art media

Inside The Last Bookstore, Downtown, Los Angeles. Photo by Omar Bárcena.

Brattle Book Shop, Boston. I must go there one day!

For those browsers not as impressed by architecture as they are by the beauty of books upon books upon books in narrow hallways — not to mention a place to nap. Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France

Used Bookstores

The Long Room, Dublin Library.

Beautiful arched door in a wall of books! Sigh! Antiquarian Bookshop. LIBRERIA BARDON. Pza San Martin, 3. 28013 Madrid, Spain.

Small Worlds, Toledo Museum of Art

Known to Oxford scholars as “Bodley” or simply “the Bod”, The Bodleian Library serves as the main research library of Oxford University. Arts End was built in 1610-1613 and was the first English instance of book shelving being built along the walls, instead of in bays or lecterns jutting out from the walls. The windows at the end of this photo are part of another extension done in 1634 known as Seldon End. The Bodliean is one of the oldest and most beautiful academic libraries in the world.

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