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3 Med Ball Exercises for Explosive Power

Do these 3 Med Ball exercises and become more explosive in a short period of time. These 3 movements are proven exercises for athletes looking to get more po.

Medicine Ball Overhead Tucks - Good Ab Workout!

7 Medicine-Ball Moves For an Even Better Workout

Green light from doctor to go for it! Thank God! One more day of lack of exercise will drive me insane

The Full Workout Library of The FREE 30 Day Dumbbell Challenge!

The Full Workout Library of The FREE 30 Day Dumbbell Challenge

The Full Workout Library of The FREE 30 Day Dumbbell Challenge! - Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

Heres an overview of the 30-minute routine, and click ahead for descriptions of each exercise.    1. Warm up for eight minutes. You can do whatever you like to get your heart rate up. Do some jumping jacks, jog in place or dance to your favorite song.  2. Do one minute of jungle squats. (Lower body)  3. Do one minute of push ups. (Upper body)  4. Do one minute of reverse V lunges. (Lower body)  5. Do one minute of modified chair dips. (Upper body)  6. Do two minutes of cardio. (Whole body)

Description This full-color poster features 12 Medicine Ball exercises for working the whole body, chest, back and legs. All exercises are clearly explained with step-by-step instructions and descriptive photos.

H.I.I.T Medicine Ball Workout     #fitness #workouts http://bestbodybootcamp.com/

H.I.I.T Medicine Ball Workout

In a workout rut? Try medicine balls! Medicine balls help hit angles you wouldn't normally reach with typical weights.

New Video Series on Cabin Chat: Adventures in Fitness, featuring workout reviews & conversations. Today's review...Shred It With Weights at www.bridgetscabin.blogspot.com.

This DVD has two levels - I like it. It's fun and challenging but quick. And I'm obsessed with kettle bells.