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Encore plus d'exemples d'icônes en Flat Design, dont plusieurs que nous pouvons facilement reconnaitre comme Twitter et Pinterest.

FREE Flat Social Icons EPS by Jorge Calvo García, via Behance. Great looking flat theme social media icons.

Cryptozoology for Android - UI Concept

Cryptozoology for Android - UI Concept

Dribbble - Full.jpg by Creativedash

Dribbble - Full.jpg by Creativedash

Dribbble - Pitch 01 by Tanya Elshahawi #UI #UX

Pitch 01

Consider circle navigation for scrolling through visualization of your activity data. You could imagine it being a pie chart that spins and highlights one section at a time for more detailed information

Menu design circle - I need to work out why these are not implemented, it must be something to do with either programming or ease of use.

mobile design bundle...

mobile design bundle...

A collection of mobile UI patterns

Clean design and navigation

Partly Cloudy

partly cloudy app by raureif

Fantasy Leagues App by Brian Waddington, via Behance #Flat #Minimal

Clean UI / Fantasy Leagues App on Behance

Mobile Navigation

nice grid and inside shadow.

Some TimelineUI i've been playing with. Nothing new, but was funto design, Still a off-canvas example to follow this post.  Many thanks to Mikael…


Hosting Admin Panel Interface - iPad App by Lukas Bugla

Hosting Admin Panel Interface - iPad App

Music mobile app.

li (BETA) - Where exceptional mobile designers connect, show off their designs and promote themselves.

Daily Mobile UI Design Inspiration #39

Very clean, nice looking, easy to navigate. I would say this is an average looking app that's been nicely done. Doesn't have the X factor, but not bad.

Animated submenu interesting choice. Does this work better if you're left or right handed?

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